Non-Insulated Tray Delivery Cart

Non-insulated cabinet for tray transport and storage. Ideal for use as a patient tray delivery cart.

Same size top and base extend past sidewalls to act as natural bumpers for protection. Extruded frame fully welded.

Body constructed of non-corrosive, Hi-Tensile aluminum for strength and ease of mobility

Optional pass-thru design available for easy access from either side. Model 101P-1418-20.

Reinforced, full length door swings 270˚ and can be latched to the cabinet side for convenience. Card clip included.

Gravity type latch secures door during transport.

Extruded angle ledge pan supports hold 14" x 18" trays on 5-1/2" centers.

Interior pan stop on door allow proper air flow.

Heavy duty 5" swivel casters, two with brakes. Provides mobility when fully loaded.

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