Congratulations to the District School Board of Pasco County for naming the Cres Cor mascot!

For submitting the winning name "CorBee," Cliff Baggott, President, CEO of CRES COR ; Heather Baggott Stewart, Marketing Manager-Education and Jim Miller, Business Development Manager - Education presented Pasco County Schools with a new QuikTherm[TM] oven ($15,000 value) at the SNA 2011 ANC in Nashville, TN. Accepting the oven for naming the Cres Cor mascot , were Richard Kurtz, Director of Child Nutrition and Emily Mark, Marketing Manager who submitted the winning entry on behalf of the Nutrition Department.

We know you'll enjoy your "hot Prize," Pasco County. Thanks for "bee"lieving in kids as much as we do! Photo Caption: Pasco County Schools is presented with the winning QuickTherm oven certificate for naming the CRES COR mascot, "CorBee." Thanks to Emily Mark, Marketing Manager for Pasco County Schools for submitting the winning entry.

The QuikTherm is a 12,000 Watt oven that rethermalizes, cooks and holds foods at proper serving temperatures of up to 165