Cres Cor is Going Off the Grid Helping Move the Industry Toward Renewable Energy Sources

Cres Cor was the first to offer a tri-powered hot cabinet that did not rely solely on electricity when we released the HotCube3. Our mission to move both ourselves and the industry "Off the Grid" has only gained momentum since then. We are so dedicated to finding new ways to use renewable energy sources, we even installed a 70,000 square-foot field of solar panels behind our plant in Northeast Ohio. The field went live in July of 2016. It powers a large percentage of our factory, and when it is not in use it actually allows our electric meter to run backwards, pumping power back into the grid. To view live data straight from our solar field, click below:

Solar Field Dashboard

And to learn more about the field's construction and installation, check out our time lapse video.

Cres Cor Off the Grid - Solar Fields Timelapse from Cres Cor on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more innovative products from Cres Cor that do not rely on electricity!